Binge-Watching Girls

For five days now.

I’m mid-way through Season Four.

I actually would be done by now, but I took a break to binge on Season 8 of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Thank god(dess) for Netflix.  If you are a GG fan then you must see season 8 ASAP. If you have never watched the show, then immediately begin a marathon of the first seven seasons ASAP. 

The 6th and final season of Girls premieres February 16th 2017. The final part is a major bummer; surely a combo of the leads wanting to go on to other projects while still on top. Seriously who wouldn’t?

My next binge? This is Us. Still in its first season. Everyone I know whose watched it says it’s their new favorite show.

Until next time.


Quietly entering a New Week

Up bright and early.
Washed and filled Shadow’s kibble and water bowls.
Put out food for all my four-legged and winged backyard visitors. 
Got pork tenderloin out of freezer for family dinner tonight.
Took hot shower.
Put on favorite PJs.

Went back to bed.

It’s past one pm, and I’m still here. Couldn’t be more delighted. Amazing what one can get done without getting out of bed.

Wrote in my journal.

 Christmas shopped online. I can’t think of a thing I want for myself. I’m in a place where I have just about everything I could want or need. 

Reformatted and updated my tablet – finally. 

Planned tomorrow’s trip to the library.

Made a to-do list.

Now for a short nap.

Back. Never did officially fall asleep. Just drifted within myself. Went over some recent events and how I’m going to deal with them – eventually. 

55th birthday in two weeks. Hitting the speed limit and loving. 

Okay, time to work on that pork roast & some sides.

Till later my darlings.

Where I am at…11.26.16

I always say, “Happy Halloween Happy New Year.”
And it’s true.
All Hallows Eve kicks off a run of celebrations which includes; son-in-law’s birthday, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day.
Can’t believe I’m hitting the speed limit this year – 55.
There’s lots of cooking for family and friends going on – love it.
And I’m hoping to squeeze in a short trip to the Isle of Manhattan too.
Would love to meet up with my favorite Mother/Daughter Duo L&J.
See the Holiday Lights at Columbus Circle.
Cruise down 5th Ave. to check out the holiday windows.
xmas 021
xmas 034
Speaking of holiday decor – Josie put up our tree last night.
Shadow helped supervise the process😉
Looking forward to hearing about what you’re up to.
Much bloglove,
Frances D

Where I’m at…11.15.16

Coming at you from our local library.
Decided to take a morning and blog out of house.
It helps me focus; so easy to get distracted by Facebook.
I love my Facebook friends and groups.
Or Netflix
Can you say ShowBinge?
One of my latest obsessions is The Moth Mobile App
Which inspired me to take a course in storytelling at Udemy.
I recently interviewed my friend Sonia; she’s become a Joy Coach; you can read about it over at She Who Blogs.
There’s also two new posts at My Artist Dates.
I am focused today aren’t I?
Much blog love to all,
Frances D

Josie bought a Virtual Reality Headset at a clearance sale, and I have to tell you it’s FUN! In this photo Josie is on a roller coaster. I prefer eerie, haunted, scary stuff – the more horrible the better!


This week’s Super Moon was huge and beautiful and soaking up it’s light filled me positive energy. Unfortunately it didn’t photograph anywhere near as beautiful. Please leave any helpful hints for Iphoneography in comments.


Enjoying the fall foliage. photo credit – my daughter Josie