from a Manhattan Starbucks Possibly Near You

Some necessary paperwork brought me into the city early this morning; 10:58am and it’s all done. My Decaf Almond Milk Misto & I have a seat with a view at the communal table. Pleasant memories of a Cream Cheese Pumpkin Muffin linger on my tongue.

Every other person – including moi – is on some sort of electronic device. A man at the end of the table, who has to be at least 80, is taps away at the latest IPhone, his Kindle lies nearby. I want to applaud.

The Old Rocker in front of me looks has the look of someone who used to be a name or maybe a near name. His long, beige blonde wig crookedly on his head; his nails and designer duds tell me he’s not hurting for cash.

I wonder sometimes if someone is blogging me while I’m blogging them.

The rather large middle-aged blonde sits tapping away at her screen. Only uses her right thumb. It’s a fast thumb though.

Her yellow green eyes scan the cafe at regular intervals.  

Actually she’s not blonde; her hair must have been some sort of light brown before the streaks of grey took over. Her upper body sways to the beat of the jazzy music pouring out of the sound system.  Is she waiting for someone? Wonder what she’s writing on her phone. Could she be blogging me while I’m blogging her? She sips her drink. Her eyes begin their slow scan again; for a second or two we’re looking right at each other. She blinks once or twice, casts her eyes down toward the screen,  the thumb begins it dance again.

Much bloglove to all.

Coney Island Photostroll

UntitledLunch at Nathan’s – a must.

UntitledUnfortunately the gates to the exhibit were closed.

UntitledThe old Parachute Jump.



UntitledThe Aquarium is undergoing some renovations, but parts are still open to the public during the process.

UntitledIn the old days it was three flavors of soft serve: vanilla, chocolate, or banana custard. My Milano Cookie Cone was delicious.

 One of my favorite signs.



Joe L – unofficial historian – shared personal memories and photos of the Boardwalk through the years.

it’s 4am and I’m done sleeping…

But it’s okay.

I went to bed at 8pm!

One too many bowls of  home-made Italian Wedding Soup. Oh my God(dess) it was good.

Yesterday was cold and wet, so I stayed in cooking, reviewing 2000+ plus photos on my phone, and watching a Law & Order SVU marathon. I started early, hence the early collapse.

And now I’m up.

I am working on one of The Great Courses: Writing Creative Non-Fiction, and might listen to another segment or two before officially beginning my day.

It’s dark out. I haven’t checked the weather yet. Let it be a surprise. 

What do you do when you’re up in the wee hours?

Bracing for Impact

It is said that our lives change completely every seven years. The process can start up to eighteen months before. I will be 55 in just two short months and already feel the beginning tremors. I’m ready.  The past has prepared me for sizable losses and gains.

21 – The best so far – Marriage & the birth of my daughter 

28 –  loss of my only brother followed by my father 17 months later. Eastern philosophy came into my life at that time, and brought great healing with it.

35 – Many types of work and volunteer experiences.

42 – Another double loss – my grandmother and favorite uncle died within months of each other. My daughter’s marriage brings a wonderful son-in-law in our lives. 

49 – Husband suddenly become ill. Cancer. Surgery. Move from New York to Cape Cod. He survives, and remains cancer-free to this day. We are living with the kids. Amazing days hanging out with my daughter and son-in-law. 

56  coming up in 2017 – Like I said  – feeling the beginning tremors. Storm’s a comin’.  Fastening my seat belt. 

Glad you’re along for the ride.