Shameless Self-Promotion on an Epic Scale or Not?

Found while reading through archives of blogs past. This appeared at another of my personal blogs (now closed) on 08/22/13. It was my submission to a Daily Prompt.

The New York Times is going to feature your blog on its home page, and you’ve been asked to publish a new post — it’ll be the first thing tens of thousands of new readers see. Write it.

Past writing prompts have intrigued me, bored me, turned me off and on, opened me up, and made me run. Today’s daily prompt overwhelmed me.

I’m a Native New Yorker, so the first image on my mind’s screen is me on subway during the morning rush.  Everyone is reading The Times. My blog header stares back at me from every angle.  It will be one of the most discussed subjects in town that day.  Some are happy, many more are not. How was she chosen? Who did she know? Many will protest.  You’ve honored a woman – very nice – but what about someone from our group? Her blog has some nice little amateur photos, bits of creative writing, but why the front page?

Of course, I will plug all my favorite bloggers, charities, and causes.  Love and good vibes from the chosen will flow my way. You’re the best!  The server crashed from all the traffic!  You did so much for us – donations skyrocketed ! 

I can smell the bouquets of roses now.

But no matter how careful I am someone, some few, will be left out.

I can hear the phone ringing, see the jammed e-mail box now. Bricks through the windows. A dead fish wrapped in newspaper on the front steps. 

You mentioned every blog you ever visited, but mine.

You mentioned cancer, arthritis, diabetes, meals on wheels, illiteracy, child and elder abuse, every charity but ours.

You mentioned everyone else’s self-published book but mine. 

We’ve know each other since _______.  We’ve been through __________.  I’ve known your family for ______ years.

Who needs you!  You’re blocked from my blog!  Consider yourself un-friended.

I hate your ugly, stupid, boring blog!

Forgive me but I need to go find some aspirin.

Til later.

THE DAILY PROMPT: Shameless Self-Promotion on an Epic Scale or Not?

Mad Lib-Style Bio

I found a template for a mad lib-style bio at Alexandra, and thought why not? I gave it a tweak or two so it would work with my info. What do think?

Frances D wants to live in a world where every day is Casual Friday, and higher education & medical care are free for everyone.

She’s the proud mother of Josephine age 33. Over the years she’s done the stay at home mom thing & the working mom thing too. When working she’s a nail two pieces of wood together and I’ll sell it for you saleslady. Frances was an active part of NYC’s political scene for 3 years, but decided that she was just too private a person for so public a lifestyle. She’s been online for nearly 19 years now, and has loved adored never regretted a minute of it.

When she’s not reading, writing, watching classic, new, or independent films, you will find her in the family kitchen. Right now her culinary passion is giving leftovers a whole new look and taste.

One of her latest projects/passions is taking advantage of free/nearly free online learning resources. She also loves to listen to stories at The Moth site. Hopefully she’ll be able to land tickets to a local Moth Event soon – they sell out in a nanosecond. Does this mean she has a story or two to tell?  Yes she does!

Frances D loves to communicate with/visit her fellow bloggers; if you leave your web addie in comments she’s sure to visit.

Peace, Love, & Chocolate

Does Anything Good Happen After 2am?

Writing prompts – they’re everywhere. I was lying here on my futon wanting to write something, but not something about my day, though it happened to have been a very interesting day. The TV was on for background – as usual. Suddenly a voice said, ‘Nothing good happens after 2 am.’ Another character on the same show began to argue that ‘everything’ good happens after 2am.

This got me to me thinking about life after 2am.

Most of us fear the late night call. We think the worst; illness, accident or death. Then again it could be a brand new healthy baby. The little critters do like to show up at odd hours don’t they? By the way if darling daughter is reading – thanks for showing up at 9:26 pm 😉

Some of the best movies come on after 2am, especially those awesome moldy oldie horror films. Some of my favs; ‘The Tingler’ ‘The Last Man on Earth’ and ‘The Fly’ – all with Vincent Price – the ultimate after 2am film star.

Anyone whose ever stayed/lived in New York City knows that walking and talking along the streets with friends during the wee hours is a natural high.

Just about every web address/blog I own was ‘born’ after 2am. owner Bob Parsons KNOWS that a lot of good things happen late at night, hence the 24-7 customer service.

Blast from the Past: The Late Show with Tom Snyder. During the 70’s the Late Show was on really late. Good old turtleneck wearing, chain smoking Tom laughing at his own jokes. People really talked on that show.

Okay, I’ve had my say. Would love to hear what your take on the question.

Til next time.

** originally posted 05/05/11

I Lifted This from Someone Somewhere

I AM: a specialty item.
I WANT: if money were no object: a car and driver.
I WISH: EVERYONE could have free medial care and higher education.
I HATE: celery.
I MISS: my grandmother.
I HOPE: that we manage to slow down global warming.
I FEAR: being whiny.
I HEAR: Shadow’s name tag clanking against her food dish as she nibbles kibble.
I WONDER: what surprises 2017 will be bring.
I REGRET: having smoked – nothing else – March 15th will be 8 years off cigs.
I AM NOT: working enough on my health & wellness.
I DANCE: alone in my room while my favorite songs blast through my headphones.
I SING: to our dog Shadow – at long last a fan.
I CRY: at parades.
I MAKE: the best chicken and dumplings.
I LIKE: photostrolling – a leisurely walk with stops for photos.
I THINK: way too much.
I WRITE: not nearly enough.
I CONFUSE: myself sometimes.
I NEED: to meditate more.
I SHOULD: take one of those DNA tests, and find out more about my ancestry.
I START: more projects than I finish.
I FINISH: dessert!